This online training comes in eight modules and situates communication in the context of national development. It aims to teach learners how to craft a communication plan that truly works. It tackles the strengths and challenges of current strategies and techniques to enable the learners to come up with the best fit for their communication campaigns.

Welcome to our Online Course on Corporate Communication in Challenging Times. This online training, which comes in eight modules, is designed to introduce learners to the scope and range of corporate communication work, and to the important role it plays in managing an organization’s communication initiatives, particularly during crisis situations. The discussions include exercises for the learner to immediately apply the knowledge gained.

This course is self-paced and the learner is expected to complete all eight modules within 30 calendar days from Day 1.

The course focuses on the optimal use of communication elements to push products and services to target markets. It will discuss, among others, packaging, positioning, promotions, pricing, and distribution. The course will also discuss how to prepare a marketing communication plan to achieve 'client-product/service fit."

This two-month online course will help the speech writer to effectively communicate the message that the client or organization wants to convey. The course will engage the participant in the overall workings of speech writing, including research and organizing. 

Technical Writing Course Online helps professionals develop their skills in gathering, organizing, and rewriting technical materials for non-technical readers. It is intended for researchers, program/project managers, planning officers, instructional designers, and other content experts who must present technical information in a clear, easily understandable form. After the course, participants are expected to be able to prepare high-quality but easily readable reports, business/policy briefs, manuals, scientific papers, and other materials based on technical information.